Reflections of a Texan

Friday, April 07, 2006 - Economy Adds 211,000 Jobs in March; Unemployment Rate at 4 1/2 Year Low - Economy - Economy Adds 211,000 Jobs in March; Unemployment Rate at 4 1/2 Year Low - Economy

Another example of a growing economy. However, listening to the nightly news would lead one to believe that the economy is in the toilet. I realize that it is not "coming up roses" for everyone, but the overall outlook is pretty good.

Think about what has happened the last six years: The dotcom bubble finally busted, 9/11, the war in Afghanistan, the war and continued conflict in Iraq, hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the price of oil, etc. All of these things individually are enough to crater any country or its economy. However, the U.S. has dealt with everyone of these back to back to back and still keeps a ticking.

I have seen firsthand the results of this strong economy. Everywhere I go in my home town, there are help wanted signs. The jobs range from entry level sales positions all the way to supervisor are manager positions. The vast majority of them are paying more than minimum wage, even jobs at the drive-thru chains. Our little city (pop. 120,000+) in West Texas is growing and growing. We didn't see anything from the dotcom boom; however, we are seeing it now.

Instead of focusing on everything that is wrong with this country, let's look at the things that are great. I am tired of being told by my fellow self-righteous citizens how horrible I am and how ashamed I should be as an American. Regardless of our faults, I would much rather live in America (Texas specifically), than anywhere else.


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