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Friday, April 07, 2006

The Big Country Chapter of the American Red Cross needs some help!

Click here to see mailing address for donations

Our local office of the American Red Cross has been run ragged for the last year. They have been called upon to respond to a severe flood in the northern part of the Big Country, they provided around the clock support for Katrina and Rita victims, they responded to the wildfires that nearly destroyed the town and surrounding area of Cross Plains (this fire occurred right after Christmas, many people lost everything, over 200 houses lost) and they have been called upon to support the firefighting efforts in the Texas panhandle (over 1 million acres burned, so far). Even though they receive little recognition or publicity for what they do, they do it anyway.

All of these disasters have left them strapped for money and supplies. So, I am asking anyone who can help to do so. The best thing we can provide at this time is money. This way, they can buy the supplies that they absolutely need. So, if you have some spare change, click the link above for their mailing address and drop them a donation in the mail. They will greatly appreciate it. Thanks.



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