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Friday, April 07, 2006

FOX News Poll: Illegal Immigration is not a partisan issue

The latest FOX News poll is being used to show a declining approval rating for the President. While this is true, there are a couple of other interesting trends as well. On the question concerning the approval rating of Congress, we find that both major parties (Democrats and Republicans) fair worse than the President. While the President's approval rating sits at 36%, Congress' sits at 29%. Not much to write home about if you are in the Congress.

Another interesting trend concerns illegal immigration. Illegal immigration seems to be the one topic that both Republicans and Democrats agree on. The poll numbers are very interesting to me. On nearly every question concerning illegal immigration, Republicans and Democrats seemed to be on the same wavelength. On the question concerning making English the official national language, by law, 78% of those questioned favored a law.

Congress needs to wake up and realize that the vast majority of Americans feel that illegal immigration is a serious issue. However, don't hold your breath. This is an election year and we all know what happens in an election year. Absolutely nothing. The easiest way to keep your opponent from using your record against you, is to not do anything in the run up to an election. What if the rest of us practiced the same working patterns as Congress, we would all be fired. Maybe it's time we cleaned house in Washington.

Click here to read the poll results for yourself. Very interesting. (BTW - it's a PDF, sorry)



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